Intermittent PID 12769 | Assertion failure: aTransactionId == 1 || aTransactionId > LastPendingTransactionId(), at /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/gfx/layers/wr/WebRenderBridgeParent.cpp:1269

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2 years ago
Last year


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Filed by: kgupta [at]

This happened on a try push where I tried turning on the web-platform-tests
I can reproduce this locally, investigating.
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Based on my investigation so far I think the problem is that if we go back/forward in the bfcache, then we end up reusing a prescontext and refreshdriver from the bfcache. This means we can go from a refresh driver with a high transaction id value to a refresh driver with a lower transaction id value (that is still nonzero), and that causes the assertion failure because the next transaction that the compositor sees will be > 1 but also less than the last transaction id it received.

The test that's hitting this crash does back/forward navigation [1] and when that navigation happens I see a refresh driver with a nonzero transaction id getting installed at [2].

I don't know if we can rely on the transaction ids increasing monotonically given this. Or maybe we should reset the transaction id counter when we pull a prescontext out of the bfcache.

Or we can try to use the isFirstPaint flag instead of aTransactionId==1 as the check. That seems to fix it locally.
There's a debug M-e10s-5 failure in the above try push that is failing the modified assertion. Looking into it.
Ugh, looks like we sometimes do a paint with the paint suppression turned on? We send a paint after going through [1] with mIsFirstPaint=true and mPaintingSuppressed=true, so the isFirstPaint flag doesn't get to the compositor side. This seems like another bug but I don't want to mess with that right now. I have different idea about how to fix this that is probably going to be more robust.

(In reply to Kartikaya Gupta ( from comment #6)
> I have different idea about how to fix this that is probably
> going to be more robust.

This idea was to make the transaction id a class which stored the presShellId as well as the transaction id. Then a changing presShellId would indicate that the refresh driver changed and the compositor could use that to do it's special magic.

But then I discovered that since we implemented WebRenderLayerManager, the ClientLayerManager::SetTransactionIdAllocator implementation has grown (in bug 1283947) and it looks like it handles exactly this kind of problem. So I'm copying over that code and let's see how it does:
That's looking better. I think it might fix some of the mochitests as well. Kicked off another try push with some of the skipped mochitests re-enabled to see if they are still failing:
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Bug 1434996 - Update WebRenderLayerManager::SetTransactionIdAllocator to match ClientLayerManager.

Good catch!
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Update WebRenderLayerManager::SetTransactionIdAllocator to match ClientLayerManager. r=sotaro
Closed: Last year
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