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RTL layout cheange to LTR when autorotate feature of android is turned on


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Steps to reproduce:

1-Installed latest version of Firefox for Android Nightly.
2-Set Firefox UI language=Persian(Farsi)=فارسی
3-Turn on Autorotate screen feature of Android(You can enbale it via notification panel of Android in most cases)
Note: In above steps your deivce should be vertical.
4-Rotate device to horizontal state.
5-Open Main menu of firefox (You can ignore this step)
6-Rotate device to vertical state again.

steps for Firefox settings:
A-Do steps 1 to 3
B-Goto Firefox settings
C-Do step 4 and then do Step 6
D-Look at what happened in settings(In actual results)

Note1-There is same bug in Firefox Focus for Android too. I reported it few moths ago:

Note2: I think maybe the same problem is on iOS devices too. But i haven't iOS device and i can't check.

Actual results:

From step 1 to 3 the main menu was on left side of Firefox and New Tab was on right side and back/forwaed buttons was on right side (It's true for RTL layouts and no problem)
From step 4(Or maybe 6), the main menu of Firefox is on Left side of Firefox and New tab is on left side and back/forward buttons are on left side (It's invalid for RTL layouts-Our problem is here)

What happened in settings:
From Step 1 to 3, settings was in RTL layout, but by roatation of device, it changed to LTR layout!

If you go out of firefox with back button on most Android devices, the problem will remain. Only if you keep home button of device and remove firefox from task manager(close it completely), then if you open Firefox, you will be on Step 1. Again if you go troutgh step 1 to step 6, you will have bad layout in Firefox

Expected results:

If we rotate the device from vertical state to horizontal, the Firefox should rotate to horizontal state too. But it shouldn't chnge direction of UI layout.
I mean Firefox should support autorotate, but without effect on UI direction layout.
One time, i roatated the device and menu went to right side, but when i went to settings, it was English! while main menu remained in Persian! This thing happened one time only.
Test Environment:
Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (SM-T211)
Android Version: 4.4.2
Android Launcher: Samsung TouchWiz
Android UI Language: English(It don't haven't Persian)
Firefox UI language: Persian
Firefox Version: 59.0a1 (2018-01-15)-Nightly

Note: I tested Firefox Focus on another device that mentoined in refrenced bug on github.
Hey guys, i tested it on this device and it haven't this bug:
Device: Huawei Y6 Pro (TIT-AL00)
Android Version: 5.1
Android Launcher: Huawei EMUI 3.1 Lite
Android UI Language: Persian
Firefox UI Language: Persian
Firefox Version: 60.a1

But i updated to 60.a1 on Galaxy Tab 3(Android 4.4.2) too and this bug is there yet!
In addition, i Tested Firefox Focus on this huwaei device(Android 5.1) and detected this problem.

I catched this problem on:
1-Firefox for Android on Android 4.4.2 not Android 5.1
2-Firefox focus for Android on Android 5.1(I didn't test it on 4.4.2 too)
I understood when the problem happening?
When i rotate device to horizontal state, the Firefox menus and UI elements will go to LTR layout. When again i rotate device to vertical state, all of things will remain like when it was in vertical state.
As result, when i rotate device to vertical state, position of menus and UI elements shouldn't change from RTL to LTR. While it changed. You should fix this problem.
It happened in my Tabelt in Firefox for Mobile with Android 4.4.2 not Android 5.1
I attached a screenshot of Firefox for Android in Vertical State(It shouldn't be like screenshot, all of elements should be mirrored)
I attached a screenshot that shows everything happenning and compare all of status
It looks like you have set your phone's Display Size setting to small. This forces the tablet UI for Firefox for Android. Do these problems go away with setting the Display size to default? The names of the settings is from the stock Android (Pixel/Nexus) other manufacturers may change the names of the setting.

I will have a look at this on a tablet.
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Ignore the comment about display size setting. I missed the comment about this being reported for the Galaxy Tab 3 (SM-T211) which is a tablet.
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