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Debugger: Module support


(Core :: JavaScript Engine, enhancement, P3)




Tracking Status
firefox60 --- fix-optional


(Reporter: jorendorff, Unassigned)


(Blocks 2 open bugs)


*   Debugger.Script needs an .isModule property, or maybe a .type property
    with values "script", "function", "module", and maybe
    "function*", "async function", and "async function*".

*   Debugger.Source should have a .type property with the value "script" or
    "module". This tells you how to parse `source.text`.

*   Debugger.Environment's .type property should identify module scopes;
    that's part of bug 1414683.

*   (less important) Debugger.Object should identify module reflector objects
    and provide a way to get the module Environment.
Priority: -- → P3
Nobody has asked for these yet, but there should probably also be:

*   a way to query a global's table of modules;

*   when paused in a module, a way to answer the question
    "why did we load this module in the first place?"

    The answer might be "it's a <script type=module>"
    or "X other module imported it".
    (See also: async stacks.)
Depends on: 1468384
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