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[wpt-sync] PR 9373 - [css-fonts-4] Contribute Microsoft tests for Font Variations


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Contributing (most) of our own CSS Fonts 4 tests to web-platform-tests. Some tests have not been ported because they require Microsoft Windows fonts and I have not enough time/expertise to create a dummy version of these fonts.

**INTEROP:** Chrome, Safari and Firefox all seem to have issues with these tests, so it would be good if someone from either/all of these browsers could review the tests. 

**NOTE:** One of the test requires you to install some fonts natively on your system. These fonts are a new (but backward-compatible) version of the fonts that are already required for other css-fonts tests. I created this new version because the old version didn't give any mean to test font matching via JavaScript, which is annoying. If this PR gets merged, someone should update but I don't know who to contact.
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[wpt PR 9373] - [css-fonts-4] Contribute Microsoft tests for Font Variations, a=testonly
[wpt PR 9373] - Update wpt metadata, a=testonly
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