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Upgrade psutil Python package from version 3.1.1 to 5.4.3


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To run the mozprocess unit tests on Windows the psutil Python package is required. While we have the sources of this package in-tree [1], we cannot easily compile it due to the following requirements:

> <@ted> it has a C module, and those are a PITA to build on windows
> <@ted> because they have to be built with a version of MSVC that matches what python was built with
> <@ted> and for python 2.x that's like VC9

The alternative could be:

> <@ted> i assume it should be possible to publish a psutil wheel, and maybe there already is one?
> <@ted> shows wheels of the latest release, certainly
> <ahal> we'd need still need the source for linux/mac + 2 windows wheels per python version we want to support

Gregory, given that you added the package via bug 783727, do you have an idea what might be best to do here? I never touched the build system at this level, so more suggestions are welcome.

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Also we are using a very outdated version of psutil: 3.1.1 vs. 5.4.3.

I tried to install the wheel locally for py27, and was only able to do so for the win32 version. The amd64 wheel failed with unsupported platform even I have Win7 64bit.
I tried to upgrade to version 5.4.3 and it looks all fine except that test machines miss the python(3)-dev package:
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Actually we don't want that package to be installed. The problems were related to two cases with a reference to version 3.1.1 of this package in the tree. Fixing those made it work:

Interestingly I noticed that with the new version we don't need the pre-compiled code in the tree.

So the only question which remains now is how we could handle Windows, and if we could easily just use the wheel.
Turns out that just unpacking the wheel and putting the compiled C extension for Windows into the psutil folder works just fine. With that I can run the mozprocess tests.

I will upload a patch which includes a temporary commit to enable mozprocess unit tests on Windows.
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With the mozprocess patch it failed to detect the compiled cext as valid DLL. Not sure why this happens because it works fine locally. Also other test jobs want to retrieve psutil via pip and fail, because the version 5.4.3 has not been made available yet on our internal PyPI mirror. I requested an upload. Once this is done I will request another try build.

Also after spoken to Andrew we might want to get rid of psutil in mozprocess, which is only used to check if a pid exists. On Windows we could perfectly do that via ctypes.
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Summary: psutil Python package under third party misses compiled C extension for Windows → Upgrade psutil Python package from version 3.1.1 to 5.4.3
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Bug 1436857 - Upgrade psutil from version 3.1.1 to 5.4.3.

Yay - thank you for upgrading this dated package!

One nit: the commit message says the Windows binary extension is committed. That isn't true. But I'm OK with that: if we commit the binary extension, it should be in its own commit, because that will likely require changes.

Also, historically it has been a PITA to get wheels working in CI. Blame the physical Windows buildbot machines, which I believe still to this day run a seriously ancient pip version that doesn't support wheels. If we get everything using the build-derived file (or source checkouts), we could use the virtualenv/pip that is vendored in mozilla-central. See bug 1436612 for recent developments here.
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Bug 1436857 - Upgrade psutil from version 3.1.1 to 5.4.3.

Oh, yes this extra message is wrong. The compiled C extension has been removed again because it caused problems. I will remove that from the commit description.
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Upgrade psutil from version 3.1.1 to 5.4.3. r=gps
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