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xpcshell --verify does not run with http2server started


(Testing :: XPCShell Harness, defect)

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(firefox60 fixed)

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firefox60 --- fixed


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phase 1 shuts it down.. so --verify of any http2 test fails.
fwiw I think some of the main tests are rather stateful on the server side and will still fail the iterations --verify does.. but a substantial number of tests now pass (that can connect to the server now). I think daniel is going to file a bug for the stateful ones.
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Bug 1437529: --verify shudown node h2 server for phase2

Thanks, that looks fine. 

Sorry this was missed in the initial --verify implementation.
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> I think daniel is going to file a bug for the stateful ones

I suspect my recent problem was rather my own test case's fault so right now it looks like I have nothing to add to this.

Without this --verify patch, the test cases for my pending bug 1434852 fail miserably and get a really bad look on try.
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verify shudown node h2 server for phase2 r=gbrown
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I think [1] is wrong.  I can see in the logs it's the place we kill the node server prematurely.

And it's just an indention problem (damn you python)
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Right. When verifying 2 or more tests in one run (as you are trying to do), the node server is shutdown after the first test is verified. That call should just be moved outside of the "for test_object in self.alltests" loop.
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