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Loosen webdriver crate version dependency on log


(Testing :: geckodriver, enhancement, P3)

Version 3


(firefox60 fixed)

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firefox60 --- fixed


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webdriver depends on v0.3 of the log crate and this causes us to
have multiple copies of log under third_party/rust.  We should
loosen the version dependency to "^0" so we can keep only one copy.

Perhaps other crates, such as code under testing/mozbase/rust and
testing/geckodriver also need updating.
Priority: -- → P3
FTR depending on "^0" is unsafe and may not even be supported by cargo. 0.x versions are mutually incompatible and so it's unsafe (in the sense that the build can fail) to depend on anything starting with a 0.

I will gladly accept a patch to bump the version to 0.4, however.
This was mentioned on IRC by the contributor who wanted to patch this.
I’d be fine to accept "0.4".

As an aside I think it is fairly unlikely that a widely deployed
crate such as log’s API will change, but it is fine to wait for
a 1.0 version in order to employ a "^1" requirement.  The obvious
benefit to this is that we don’t have to spend cycles doing this
upgrade dance every time we end up having mutally incompatible
dependencies on log throughout central.
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Bug 1438195 - Update log to 0.4 in webdriver and bump version.

You also need to run "./mach vendor rust" so that the lock files and third party dependencies are updated.

::: testing/webdriver/Cargo.toml:3
(Diff revision 1)
>  [package]
>  name = "webdriver"
> -version = "0.33.0"
> +version = "0.33.1"

This should probably be bumped to 0.34.0 since there are other changes to the crate besides this.
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Bug 1438195 - Update log to 0.4 in webdriver and bump version.

Thanks for the patch!
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Update log to 0.4 in webdriver and bump version. r=ato
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