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Keyboard layout still leaked by keydown/keyup event "which" value


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I tested latest Nightly with resistFingerprinting enabled on Ubuntu 17.10, switched keyboard layout in the OS and got the following results:

> keydown/keyup:
> QWERTY   key: "   code: Quote   which: 222
> AZERTY   key: "   code: Quote   which: 51
> keypress:
> QWERTY   key: "   code: Quote   which: 34
> AZERTY   key: "   code: Quote   which: 34

From these results the keyboard layout still appears to be leaked through the keydown/keyup event "which" value.
Any thoughts?
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Nice one!
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Blocks: 1439784
Here's a bug to fix this missing piece from 1222285. I want to add some new tests for KeyboardEvent.which, but the existing test design won't work because synthesizeKey does not synthesize the .which property and fixing the tests is going to be somewhat complex. I manually tested this patch and the .which property is correctly spoofed.

try results:

(I have opened bug 1439784 to deal with rewriting the KeyboardEvent spoofing tests, but I would suggest we land this patch when it is ready so that it lands in time for Firefox 60.)
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Thanks for quick the review!
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This patch needs a DOM reviewer.
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The DOM reviewer is needed for the webidl change.
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Spoof KeyboardEvent.which for privacy.resistFingerprinting. r=masayuki, r=smaug
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