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Consider not doing charset changes off a runnable.


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So I was looking at the full-doc restyles that stylo-chrome does, and the first one is the one posted from the charset runnable.

This runnable was added in bug 703133. Gecko used to do a sync style reconstruct here, and this used to run out of an observer topic and what not.

Now style reconstructs, at least for stylo, are async.

Annoying bits here are multiple, but in chrome at least when the charset changes we don't have any frame or any style, so a PostRebuildAllStyleDataEvent would boil down to nothing, as it should.

I think we can try to make it use other mechanism that doesn't defer this to the next event loop bit, where we'd actually have style data and we'd need to restyle the whole thing.
So this is probably harmless for stylo-chrome, I guess, because the document is resource://gre-resources/hiddenWindow.html, which is basically empty.

But it may be worth doing for normal content docs.
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Bug 1438911: Avoid doing changeset changes off a runnable for stylo.
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Avoid doing changeset changes off a runnable for stylo. r=bz
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