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Library provides no feedback that a batch bookmark move is in progress


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Open up a couple dozen YouTube vids by getting carried away middle-clicking interesting-looking related sidebar entries. (This is a common situation for me)

2. Get into a situation where they've been bookmarked, but in the wrong place. (eg. By using the "Bookmark this tree" option in the Tree Style Tabs extension, which puts them in a new folder named after the root of the tree, rather than asking where they should go)

3. Open up the Library view

4. Select all the bookmarks in question (In my case, focus the folder and hit Ctrl+A)

5. Click-and-drag the selected tabs into a new location (in my case, the "Unwatched Videos" folder)

Actual results:

Nothing appears to happen for several seconds, before they finally vanish from their place of origin... leaving me wondering whether I accidentally released them in the wrong spot and should try again, or whether trying to start a second move operation on something which is already being moved might be an un-tested situation with a corruption or crash bug lurking behind it.

Expected results:

The Library window should provide some kind of visual feedback indicating:

1. That the user interaction was recognized
2. That there are changes still pending on the source data and it shouldn't be meddled with.

For example, if it's not too much of a performance problem, perhaps setting a "disabled" state on the selected items which haven't yet vanished from the source folder and changing the source and destination folder icons to throbbers.
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