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I found a typo in a CSS variable, "--toolbar-gbimage" (written but never read or mentioned anywhere else)


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Steps to reproduce:

Nothing to reproduce, but I found it in the Style Editor and couldn't figure out what it was for.

Actual results:

I searched for all instances of the variable as written, then a shorter substring to see if it could be related to anything other than the typo I suspected, and finally the variable I thought it should be. --> 2 writes (to 'none') -> +58 references to different cases of 'rgbimage' --> 5 reads, 8 writes

Apparently one of the two instances was introduced in bug 1349555 about 7 months ago.

Expected results:

There should have been at least one use of the variable, most likely "background-image: var(--toolbar-gbimage)", if it were not a typo. In this case it's almost certainly benign, but validation should catch unused variables (and probably one or more undefined references to the correctly-spelled variable since the typo was defined instead.)
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Looks like we never needed to reset the variable in in the first place -- we already set it to none for all lwthemes.
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Bug 1440877 - Remove mistyped --toolbar-gbimage variable.
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Remove mistyped --toolbar-gbimage variable. r=jaws
Great, thanks. Was that the only instance you found? I saw 2 results, although one may be generated from the other (obj-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/dist/bin/browser/chrome/browser/skin/classic/browser/compacttheme.css).
Closed: 4 years ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 60
(In reply to sobeita from comment #5)
> Great, thanks. Was that the only instance you found? I saw 2 results,
> although one may be generated from the other
> (obj-x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/dist/bin/browser/chrome/browser/skin/classic/
> browser/compacttheme.css).

Yes, exactly.
Thank you for filing this bug! I wanted to let you know that because of your bug I have updated our tooling to try to catch mistakes like this by using an automated test that will run on each check-in. You can see the test changes that I made in bug 1441882.
That's amazing, exactly what I was looking for! Thank you too!
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