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Move test_caret_*.html files into layout subdirectory


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All the testcase HTML files starting with test_caret_*.html in the following directory seem to be used by layout tests, which basically should not run as part of our unit tests. Given that there is currently no easy way to specify a different location for those tests, all testcase HTML files got added to our base `www` folder:

We should move those files to a subfolder with the name layout, and update the Marionette tests under the following location:

It could be that some of the files are not needed anymore. If that is the case they have to be removed.
@whimboo, I'd like to work on this. I'm going to first read about what exactly are layout tests and how they differ from unit tests, and then, I'll familiarize with the flow of control among the files involved.
Hello Henrik, 
I would like to work on this bug if Pooja is not working on this. If give a chance,this would be first contribution and I am really excited.
Adithya, thank you for your interest. Given that we haven't heard from Pooja for nearly a month feel free to get started on this bug. I will assign it to you once a patch has been uploaded. Thanks.
Henrik, thank you so much. I will work on this bug.
Hello Henrik, I have a query regarding this bug. Could you please verify if this is the right location to clone from ? 

hg clone

I did clone from the above location but I am unable to find '/mozilla-central/rev/default/testing/marionette/harness/marionette_harness/www/'. 

Could you please help me out. Looks like I am missing something here. Apologies for troubling you. 

Yes, you can clone from that repository, and the files should be present:

So please check again.
Hey! Is anyone working on this bug? 
If not, I would like to work on this one.

As I understand, the test_carets_*.html files need to be added in a layout directory and corresponding tests need to point to the correct files.
We haven't heard back from the person in comment 5 for about a month. So yes, please feel free to get started. And yes your assumption is correct.
Thanks! This is my first attempt at contributing.

So I created the subdirectory and moved the files there and also changed the appropriate lines in the test files.

Then I used

hg bzexport

and the patch has been attached automatically.

How do I ask for a review?
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Move test_carets_* files into layout subdirectory. r=ato
Thanks for the patch!  Provided no tests fail, it should land on
central within a few hours.

Aditya: For your reference I’ve updated the author name in your
commit as you had not set one.  I don’t know how to change it in
Mercurial, but if you submit a new patch please make sure you set
the author name to your full name.
Thanks a lot!
I'm going to follow the mercurial setup guidelines to ensure that I have the required setup.
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