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Move mTabProgressListener into its own class


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Firefox 60
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This code is already self-contained and the extra indentation due to this object being embedded in the TabBrowser class is just annoying. This should also save some resources, since currently every object returned by mTabProgressListener is a brand-new one that doesn't share anything with the other "instances."
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Here's basically what I did:

1. replace this.mTabBrowser with gBrowser
2. replace this.mTabProgressListener with new TabProgressListener
3. move the code
4. fix up indentation
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Bug 1441816 - Move mTabProgressListener into its own class.

Thank you for linking to the diff on tryserver. I admit I had looked at the reviewboard diff and de-prioritized the review due to how crazy it looked on reviewboard.
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Move mTabProgressListener into its own class. r=jaws
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