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While reviewing Bug 1431949, I came across the "count" that can be defined in our autocomplete suggestions. I don't think any of the consumers of the autocomplete are using it today.

When trying to add a "fake" count to existing autocomplete items, it just adds a number displayed right next to the label, without any space. It looks and feels broken and probably should be removed.

Current consumers of the autocomplete-popup are:
- devtools/client/inspector/inspector-search.js
- devtools/client/sourceeditor/autocomplete.js
- devtools/client/webconsole/jsterm.js
- devtools/client/shared/inplace-editor.js

I reviewed each one of them and they are not passing items with a count property as far as I can see. Only sourceeditor/autocomplete.js provides a "score" property for some items, but score is not supported by the autocomplete-popup. To remove as well?

The count property is currently:
- handled at
- documented at
- styled at
IIRC this used to be used in the inspector search i.e. if you searched for "div" you would see the number of divs on the page alongside it.
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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