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--in-content-category-background is defined but never referenced


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Firefox 61
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firefox61 --- fixed


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Priority: -- → P5
Keywords: good-first-bug
Bug 1441882 added a test that catches these types of errors. When fixing this, the entry for this bug will need to be removed from the whitelist in browser_parsable_css.js.
Hi, I am new here, could I work on this as my first bug?
Go ahead. :) Have you built Firefox yet? Do you know what files to modify and
how to submit a patch?
Thanks for the quick reply! And yep, I have built Firefox on my VM. Should I be editing or browser_parsable_css.js? I've tried as it was the original post. I've also looked at some of the documentation for submitting a patch.
You will have to edit both of those files, since browser_parsable_css.js has a whitelist entry for it that will need to be removed once you remove the value from the file.
Mentor: jaws
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Hi, I have posted a patch. Can you review it please?
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Looks good. Can you please export your changes? This diff is missing your author line which will give you proper attribution.

You should follow the steps at to configure your machine to use MozReview, then you can use the steps at to push this patch to MozReview. From there I can review it again and push your changes to our autoland repository (where it will eventually get merged to mozilla-central).

This is a bit of upfront work but it will make submitting your future patches much easier.
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Assignee: nobody → brianf.luk
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Remove --in-content-category-background property since it is unused. r=jaws
I've pushed your patch for you. There shouldn't be any more work necessary for this bug. I will keep my eyes out for another bug that you can work on :)

Closed: 4 years ago
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