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Stand up ARM64 device on AWFY, run benchmark suite


(Testing :: AWFY, enhancement)

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We should have at least one reasonably modern ARM64 device running our JS and wasm benchmark suites.  We really should have the d8 shell also running on that device, if possible, for comparison.

We will only have baseline compilers for JS and wasm on ARM64 for the foreseeable future so we should not expect to be competitive in runtime performance with d8's optimizing compilers, but we should be interested in the ratio of our baseline to d8 relative to what that ratio is on other systems.

We should expect compile time benchmarks to do very well, however, esp for wasm.
The AWFY dashboards will probably be replaced by the dashboards. We currently run Speedometer and the Unity WebGL benchmarks in GeckoView on Android devices. Running the same benchmarks in Chrome will take extra work, but I believe that is planned for later in Q4.
Whiteboard: [arm64:m3]
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