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Remove support for installing unpacked extensions


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We only support unpacked extensions that are installed for development purposes at this point. The add-on manager code for installing them, and the extra set of tests we run for unpacked extensions, is useless overhead at this point.
Apparently dictionaries still only work unpacked, so I'm going to restrict this to removing support for the em:unpack attribute, and making dictionaries automatically unpacked.
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Bug 1444502: Remove support for installing unpacked extensions.

Thanks.  xpcshell.ini is kind of disaster right now but cleaning that up can wait for another day.
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I would like to point that we need to unpack if you have a binary component in the add-on ( > see unpack).
In my case, I use ctypes :

Since there is no other solution yet (WebExtension does not seem to be ready), unpack attribute is needed
Binary components and ctypes have not been supported in extensions for years
There were still working in Thunderbird 59, is there a workaround?
Working and supported are not the same thing. We banned ctypes in extensions as a policy matter when we removed support for binary components. Thunderbird has its own policies, but as far as mozilla-central goes, they're unsupported. If you need a workaround, I can suggest webassembly or Subprocess.jsm. Otherwise, you'll have to ask the Thunderbird team.
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