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TRR doesn't work after captive portal (maybe?)


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I just logged in somewhere with a captive portal. I don't necessarily expect TRR to work here, but then when I triggered it with Chrome, Firefox still couldn't resolve names. A restart fixed it.

I haven't tried to repro this.
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Valentin, as mr captive portal, can you give the current TRRService.cpp another look and see if you think the Observe() logic for captive portal looks sound?
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which mode were you in? probably relevant.
Within a captive portal with TRRonly, there's a clear risk that we can't resolve names at all since the TRR requests will be stopped. I expect most captive portals will still use names to redirect the user to the login page etc and trronly actively avoid using the native resolver...

I think we need to consider a mode/option where trronly still allows the native resolver within captive portals.

Or can we do it differently/better?
ekr is saying his captive portal has been cleared out of band (i.e. in another browser). What in gecko is in a state that it can't figure out that connectivity has been restored? (is it trr, or is it cp?)

I don't think this is just a CP issue.. its basically undetectable from a network outage that resolves itself, right?
With trr-only it won't use TRR until CP is cleared and the CP doesn't clear itself until the name resolving works so that it can verify its connection. feels like a catch-22.

With trr-only, I figure waiting for captive-portal to go green isn't a good idea so maybe we should just make it not do that.
I agree trr-only doesn't need to pend on captive portal as long as it has its own logic to get stuff going when a portal has been cleared out of band.
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