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add back KEY to the list of artifacts that is uploaded for each release


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After rewriting checksums in Taskcluster in bug 1432219, we no longer have this file uploaded along within the rest of artifacts for the `~candidates` dirs. Let's add this back. 

* either add it to the signingscript so that is dumped along with the files and grabbed by beetmover
* add it in-tree and place it directly under artifacts for any of the `release-bouncer` tasks
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I haven't tested this yet (do you have any pointers on doing that?), but it seems plausible.
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add KEY file to signing scriptworker deployment

I don't know of a great way to test other than setting up a puppet env on releng-puppet2, and pointing the beetmover-dev pool at it. Then we could test a staging release on maple, and (assuming we have KEY in a beetmover upstreamArtifacts somewhere) we'll have KEY in the staging bucket candidates dir.

If we're pretty confident in this, we can roll this out to prod puppet and watch for puppet errors in email, and roll back if we hit any issues. It's still wise to test on maple after this is rolled out.
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Add KEY file to artifacts list.

Aki Sasaki [:aki] has approved the revision.
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I had to make some minor fixes, but this worked in staging. You can see the KEY file present in both candidates and releases:

I'll provide updated patches shortly, and then we can get this landed + backported.
The KEY locations were inconsistent in the earlier patch, and I missed a couple of commas.
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add back KEY to the list of artifacts that is uploaded for each release. r=aki
Also landed on beta:

This will get used in b11 next week.
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Bug 1446816: Add KEY files to production Thunderbird signing scriptworker; r?aki

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