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Remove useless references to instantbird


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firefox61 --- fixed


(Reporter: Sylvestre, Assigned: sreeise, Mentored)



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Duplicate of this bug: 1446924
Component: General → Application Update
Product: Core → Toolkit
(In reply to Sylvestre Ledru [:sylvestre] from comment #0)
> 3abf6fa7e2a6d9a7bfb88796141b0f012e68c2db/toolkit/mozapps/update/
> nsUpdateService.js#1627
> 3abf6fa7e2a6d9a7bfb88796141b0f012e68c2db/toolkit/mozapps/update/
> nsUpdateService.js#188-189

Hey Sylvestre,

I can look at this if you don't mind. It would technically be my second bug if its ok. Just so I am sure, the switch case line for xul-windows-visible in nsUpdateService.js as well as the reference to instantbird where the maps app ids are just need to be removed?
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It is ok :) Good first bug is just an expression which means "new comers".
Your assumption is correct!
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(In reply to Sylvestre Ledru [:sylvestre] from comment #3)
> It is ok :) Good first bug is just an expression which means "new comers".
> Your assumption is correct!

Awesome. Do you mind assigning me to the bug? I will gladly submit a patch.
Assignee: nobody → reeisesean
The patch removes the two references. I am unsure how to get the white space out of the middle without actually altering the patch file itself. I will keep working on it to see if I can get a patch without that white space.
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Looks good. You should now look for a reviewer (florian maybe?)
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Whiteboard: [good first bug][lang=JavaScript][checkin-needed] → [good first bug][lang=JavaScript]
Keywords: good-first-bug
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Removed unused instantbird references from nsUpdateService.js r=rstrong
Keywords: checkin-needed
Closed: 3 years ago
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Sean, bravo! :)
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