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Low/no gmplugin crashes being reported on Windows


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According to error aggregates (, we have seen almost no gmplugin crashes on Windows lately:

The code to gather these crashes is quite straightforward:

And also we do see some crashes on other platforms, for example Mac:

While I would like to believe that our Windows code is now so robust that it doesn't crash anymore, I also worry that something might be wrong here.

I talked a bit in #media about this and (at least as of this writing, discussion ongoing) no one seemed quite sure why this would be the case.

Gabriel, you touched the reporting code recently ( Might you have any ideas what's happening?
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Some further discussion on #media, potentially useful:

10:15:46 <wlach> we seem to be lacking people with an intersection of understanding between the telemetry/crash reporting side and the gmplugin side
10:16:12 <drno> wlach: indeed that is probably a resource close to zero
10:16:41 <drno> wlach: two questions come to my mind
10:17:10 <drno> 1) is the sandbox on windows different then on the other OS’s?
10:17:58 <drno> 2) do we start a separate process for the GMP plugin on Windows? I only tested on Mac, and since I’m traveline I don’t have a Win machine at hand
10:18:01 <jld> Sandboxing is pretty much completely separate on different OSes.
10:19:29 <jld> And GMPs are always their own processes as I understand it.
10:20:31 <jld> Also, the internals of crash reporting are probably pretty different across OSes, especially Windows vs. Unix/Mac.
And yet more:

10:22:56 <drno> wlach: have a look at this
10:23:39 <drno> looks like GMP crash reporting on Win was working up till 53, then stopped working and now is back since 58.0.2
10:24:06 <wlach> drno: the 58.0.2 column is probably just one ping
10:24:21 <wlach> drno: and based on my experience, it is likely bogus
10:24:42 <wlach> but I would agree with the working up to 53 part :)
10:24:44 <drno> wlach: fair enough. So it’s broken since 54 then :)
I've done a bunch of changes to our crash reporting machinery in the last year so I might have broken something myself. I'm currently on parental leave but I'll try to look at this ASAP. Leaving the NI? for now.
Quick update; I'm on parental leave for another week but I should have some time to look into this between today and tomorrow. In the meantime I was wondering if it would be useful to enable crash pings for GMP crashes. It's just a matter of adding the relevant type in [1] for crash pings to be sent. It could be useful not only for measuring crash rates but also for having a redundant data source in case crash submission isn't working properly as it seems to be the case here. Note that crash pings now carry a rather rich amount of info including raw stack traces and the list of loaded modules. If there's interest in it I can enable them and ensure that they're processed correctly on our back-ends.

I just tried manually crashing the plugin and the crash submission toolbar showed up correctly, I clicked on the submit button and here it is:

So crash submission seems to be working fine.

However I just realized that comment 0 specifically referred to gmplugin crashes recorded in the telemetry data gathered from the main ping. I haven't touched that code so I'll have to dig a little deeper. Enabling gmplugin crash pings as per comment 4 would be a good idea though. Another thing comes to mind, Chris found a significant discrepancy between the content process crashes recorded in the main ping and the actual content crash pings. Chris, do you think we might be seeing a similar problem here with gmplugin crashes being under-counted?
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With no conclusion (yet) to bug 1413172 I don't have a theory of the mechanism by which these counts are disagreeing. However, whatever's doing that doesn't care which OS the system is, so I don't think it's likely to be the same mechanism preventing gmplugin crashes from being counted only on Windows.

But I'll keep an eye out for the possibility while I keep at it.
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