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Remove MOZ_ICU_DATA_ARCHIVE and all code related to its being non-empty


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Bug 1445524 made it so when ICU is in the build, ICU data is directly embedded into the binary -- never stored in a separate file.  (This was previously desirable for Mac universal builds -- builds we can't do now and haven't done for a year.)  We did so by unconditionally setting |MOZ_ICU_DATA_ARCHIVE=|.  A bunch of code still exists for the non-empty setting, and it should be removed.

I feel duty-bound to observe that bug 926980 indicates that Tenfourfox (PPC) wants the separate-file behavior for arch-specific reasons.  But we're not required to care about them as tier-N>1.  Moreover, this change makes life *easier* for big-endian tier-N>1 platforms, as we only have a little-endian ICU .dat file in our tree.  Tenfourfox has no greater right to obsolete hackarounds than any other tier-N>1 build.

There's probably more that can be removed here -- we should be able to generate the .dat at compile time, IMO, rather than having to prebuild it and check a big thing into the tree -- but these are the obvious bits of removal I can do quickly.  I'm not sure what needs to be done to get rid of the .dat and all to just let ICU compile this stuff in naturally.
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FWIW, I settled on checking the file into the tree because building it required building a bunch of ICU host tools, which was kind of a nightmare (and worse for cross-compiles).
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Rip out various MOZ_ICU_DATA_ARCHIVE-related code

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Well that certainly simplifies things a bit. Thanks!
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Rip out support code for setting MOZ_ICU_DATA_ARCHIVE and shipping ICU data in a file outside the binary.  r=ted
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[task 2018-03-27T22:21:09.077Z] 22:21:09    ERROR - # TBPL FAILURE #
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Rip out support code for setting MOZ_ICU_DATA_ARCHIVE and shipping ICU data in a file outside the binary.  r=ted
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Port bug 1447475 [Rip out support code for setting MOZ_ICU_DATA_ARCHIVE and shipping ICU data in a file outside the binary]. rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
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