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Clean up DevTools l10n config


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(Reporter: Pike, Assigned: Pike)




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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1446222 +++

The DevTools landing in bug 1446222 changed the l10n.toml files in ways which make cross-channel unhappy.

Notably, we need the config on central to be valid for all branches.

We'll also need to port this to comm-central, copied the problem over.
I imagine you meant Bug 1444926? Updating the dependency.
Depends on: 1444926
No longer depends on: 1446222
Comment on attachment 8960932 [details]
Bug 1447641,  follow up to 1444926 to fix l10n.toml for cross-channel,

Nit on the commit message

::: commit-message-f4ddf:1
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> +Bug 1447641,  follow up to 1446222 to fix l10n.toml for cross-channel, r?flod

Need to update the bug number: "follow up to bug 1444926"
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follow up to 1444926 to fix l10n.toml for cross-channel, r=flod, a=Aryx
Jorg, do you want me to land the corresponding fix in c-c, too, or are you going to do that?
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I'll do it. It would be nice if you could attach a patch :-)
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This is the patch, also see that I fixed a nit about '/' being in the one l10n path, which breaks stuff in subtle ways. That has been broken for long, never got around to fix it, now I do.
Thanks, I'll get this landed with the next batch soon.
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follow-up to bug 1444926 to fix l10n.toml for cross-channel (C-C part). r=flod
Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Both fixes worked out and the cross-channel automation works again.
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