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datepicker, timepicker, spinbuttons need to be migrated from mozilla-central into SeaMonkey


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The datepicker, timepicker, and spinbuttons XUL bindings have been removed from mozilla-central.

TB devs recently did the work necessary to continue to support them in Thunderbird. See,

I gather some work of this variety also needs to be done in SeaMonkey to ensure that these bindings continue to be available?

See also -- there are other XUL bindings that may also need to be migrated.

Also, in, a bug fix for the timepicker binding was committed to comm-central after the binding was moved into there. I _think_ that SeaMonkey will be using the same comm-central file as Thunderbird for the binding, so I think SeaMonkey will get that bug fix automatically, but I'm not 100% certain of that so I'm mentioning it here just in case.

When the changes necessary to address this bug are committed, I'd appreciate if someone who understands how all the SeaMonkey versioning stuff works would post a comment indicating clearly which SeaMonkey version will be the first with these changes, and also where there were any public SeaMonkey releases _without_ the necessary changes, i.e., with datepicker and/or timepicker bindings missing, and if so, which versions were affected. Finally, if add-on maintainers need to start referencing another stylesheet in our XUL files in addition to the chrome://global/skin/global.css and (new) chrome://messenger/content/bindings.css that we are now referencing, please mention that as well.

Component: General → UI Design
This needs to block 2.57 esr60 not comm-central.

The datepicker is probably ok now but at least the timepicker still needs to be fixed:

> and also where there were any public SeaMonkey releases _without_ the necessary changes, i.e.,

No. 2.57 is not ready yet. You can try an unofficial build from here until the new infra and we are ready to do a beta build:
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