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Missing VideoTexture and Skinned Meshes


(Firefox for Android Graveyard :: Audio/Video, defect, P5)

Firefox 61


(fennec?, firefox59 affected, firefox60 affected, firefox61 affected)

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Build ID: 20180315163333

Steps to reproduce:

Please access this link with any Android mobile device 

Actual results:

1) the videotexture is black (the source can be an MP4 or OGV movie)
2) the skinned meshes (Lara and the dog) don't show up

Expected results:

Please see the Chrome screenshot on the same Android 7 phone.
Attached image Firefox_bad.jpg
Summary: webgl → Missing VideoTexture and Skinned Meshes
The above sample link works just fine on Firefox desktop, Chrome desktop and Chrome Android.
The bugs are present on Firefox Android only.
I can reproduce the black video area.

Not able to reproduce the missing actors.

Firefox for Android 61.0a1 on a Pixel 2 XL.
tracking-fennec: --- → ?
> (In reply to Kevin Brosnan [:kbrosnan] from comment #3)
> I can reproduce the black video area.
> Not able to reproduce the missing actors.
> Firefox for Android 61.0a1 on a Pixel 2 XL.

Both bugs are there for me.
Just tested on another two Samsung Gallaxy phones (A5 + Android 6) and (S7 + Android 7).
Firefox 59 on Android: missing videotexture and the skinned meshes don't show up.
On the same devices with Chrome 65 on Android: everything is ok
The same bugs on Firefox 59.0.2 for Android.
(tested on Samsung phones)
Tested with:
Samsung S6 Edge (Android 7.0)
Huawei M3 Lite 10 (Android 7.0)

 - Nightly 61.0a1 (2018-03-21);
 - Release 59.0.2;
 - Beta 60 (60.0b7);

On the phone (Samsung S6 Edge) I am able to reproduce both the black video area and missing actors.

On tablet (Huawei M3 Lite 10) I can only reproduce the black video area issue.
Ever confirmed: true
OS: Unspecified → Android
Hardware: Unspecified → ARM
Still not fixed after 4 months?
Re-triaging per

Needinfo :susheel if you think this bug should be re-triaged.
Priority: -- → P5
We have completed our launch of our new Firefox on Android. The development of the new versions use GitHub for issue tracking. If the bug report still reproduces in a current version of [Firefox on Android nightly]( an issue can be reported at the [Fenix GitHub project]( If you want to discuss your report please use [Mozilla's chat]( server and join the [#fenix]( channel.
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Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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