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Firefox for Android has trouble displaying Gumtree website listings


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Steps to reproduce:

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Oz version; stock firmware)
Firefox: latest version (v59.0.1) from the Google Play Store
Firefox add-ons: disabled all add-ons - same issue

To reproduce:
Open this URL:

Actual results:

Firefox running on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has trouble displaying the web page. It keeps loading and loading (CPU usage is very high), and (if I am lucky, sometimes) a few minutes later I can see the page but it is very laggy (particularly when I try to go to the next photo on the page). 

Expected results:

Opening the exact same URL using Samsung Internet and Firefox Focus has no issue. Everything is smooth. The web page loads up very quickly and the "animation" to go to the next photo is very smooth.
Forgot to say that opening has zero issue. However, if I try to open a listing, Firefox on my Note 8 really struggles to display the listing. It appears that the more photos a listing has got, the slower Firefox is. 

Also, when Firefox is having trouble displaying the page, when I go to the Firefox settings page, *all* setting options are disabled / non-responsive to tapping. 

Please note again that I do not get the same issue with Samsung Internet and Firefox Focus.
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Summary: Firefox for Android has trouble displaying Gumtree listings → Firefox for Android has trouble displaying Gumtree website listings
Tested this, Beta (60.0b7) and Nightly (2018-03-30) had no issues opening and displaying the page. A serious slowdown was noticeable on Release (59.0.2) tho.

Loading times:
 - Nightly: 29 seconds
 - Beta: 27 seconds
 - Release: 1 min 42 seconds

All builds were freshly installed.
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I tried the nightly build from the Play Store just now. Comparing to Samsung Internet and Firefox Focus, the nightly Firefox build is much slower in opening the Gumtree mobile site. The biggest issue is around browsing the photos on a Gumtree listing. Open an ad with photos (mobile version) and try to go to the next photo, it is very laggy, while I do not see the same issue on the other browsers (very smooth in going to the next photo).
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