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privacy.resistFingerprinting should not affect screen coordinates for extensions/content scripts


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Steps to reproduce:

Hi, I'm the developer of Gesturefy (a mouse gesture extension).
Recently I got some reports from several users that my addon breaks if they have set privacy.resistFingerprinting to true. This is because I (at least for iframes) rely ond the screenX and screenY properties, which are spoofed to 0 if the preference is enabled.

Some related bugs I've found:

Expected results:

Since extension is a peace of software which the users either trusts (installs it) or distrusts (doesn't install it), I would expect that extension are not affected by this setting / are able to get the true values and properties.

I have no clue about the implemntation details, but since there are some web APIs which are provided to priviledged code only, I could imagine the same thing for properties changed by privacy.resistFingerprinting.
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Yes, we intend to exempt extensions from Resist Fingerprinting protections.  Depending on how your extension operates, it may be difficult to distinguish the extension from the web content however. Can you provide a little more information about what the extension does to read these values?
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In my case I'm listening for mouse events like mousemove or mousedown in a content script. These events provide the necessary screenX and screenY values, which are spoofed if resistFingerprinting is turned on.
Is this enough information? I can also create a little example addon to demonstrate it, if there is a need for it.
Thanks! I read up on content scripts - it looks like it should be safe to relax Resist Fingerprinting for them; since the website itself can't access its variables or methods or things.
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