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Comma and/or whitespace should be mandatory to separate transform values


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transform="scale(.2.2)" is invalid as is transform="translate(-100-100)" but we use the path parser to parse them which is rather laissez faire in that regard.
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patch with reftest

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::: dom/svg/SVGTransformListParser.cpp
@@ +122,4 @@
>      if (*aParsedCount == aMaxCount) {
>        return false;
>      }
> +    RangedPtr<const char16_t> iter(mIter); 

fix trailing whitespace
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comma and/or whitespace should be mandatory to separate transform values r=dholbert
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I see the reasoning behind this patch, but I'm little bit worried about breaking real websites. I noticed that I no longer see some icons on (search and login icon on the top bar). After some digging I found this change. And indeed they have invalid SVG files, but at the same time those icons work in every major browser, tested with: Edge, Chrome, IE, Opera (latest stable versions as of today). So my question is do we want to introduce this requirement despite some possible breakage? Given that everyone supports those invalid SVG currently, I suspect there might be quite a few of them in the wild.
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Feel free to mail w3c SVG ( to see whether they will change the SVG specification.
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Any thoughts on whether to keep this or try to get the spec changed Jonathan?
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I suppose we should back this out if all other browsers support it, despite it being a bit yuck. :/ Maybe put a comment in the code about supporting this weird behavior for compat reasons too.
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Attached image testcase
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