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After update and restart, all my FF add-ons are deactivated.


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I am running FF on auto-update. After an update, when I have restarted FF, all my web-extensions are deactivated.

The extensions are still installed, and I can re-activate them through about:plugins. Once I do this, they remain active, even if I restart FF, until the next update.

This is a bit awkward, as I am using mainly security/privacy plugins, and I'm pretty unprotected after an update until I notice the plugin icons have vanished.

I have this same behavior on a second machine (Win7, x86_64, FF59) as well, with almost the same set of plugins.

I'm attaching the debug info json file of my win 10 machine. Anything else I can provide to help, just let me know.

Component: Extension Compatibility → Add-ons Manager
Product: Firefox → Toolkit
thomas, sorry this bug was overlooked for so long.  Are you still experiencing the problem described here?
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Thanks for getting back on it. Yes, I still see the same behavior after an update of FF. Plugins are disabled and request permissions when I re-activate them.
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First of all, there's some confusion here about plugins versus extensions. Since you mention security/privacy, I assume you're talking about browser extensions but you explicitly say that you're enabling via about:plugins. Extensions cannot be managed from that page.

Can you confirm that that's a typo and you meant about:addons? If that is the case, there are a couple of things you could try to help troubleshoot this:

  1. In about:config, set the preference extensions.logging.enabled to true, then gather that logs from the browser console after starting a browser session in which extensions are unexpectedly disabled. Paste the logs into an attachment on this bug. This could be either a regular browser update or, ideally from:
  2. Try reproducing this in an otherwise clean profile (i.e., create a new profile, run an old browser version, install a minimal set [ideally 1] affected extension, perform a browser update)
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Closing due to lack of response. Please feel free to re-open if you can provide the requested information.

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