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[wpt-sync] Sync PR 9983 - Upstream registerProperty tests to WPT


(Core :: CSS Parsing and Computation, enhancement, P4)




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Sync web-platform-tests PR 9983 into mozilla-central (this bug is closed when the sync is complete).

Details from upstream follow.

Chris Nardi <> wrote:
>  Upstream registerProperty tests to WPT
>  Many tests of CSS.registerProperty were written, but none have been
>  upstreamed to WPT. Upstream these tests to ensure interoperability.
>  Bug: 641877
>  Change-Id: I8272b14c78cb75bb6f5f3cedb770091cbcba522a
>  Reviewed-on:
>  Reviewed-by: Robert Ma <>
>  Reviewed-by: Ian Kilpatrick <>
>  Commit-Queue: Chris Nardi <>
>  Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#542649}
Component: web-platform-tests → CSS Parsing and Computation
Product: Testing → Core
Ran 8 tests and 134 subtests
OK     : 7
PASS   : 2
FAIL   : 132
ERROR  : 1

New tests that have failures or other problems:
', initialValue:'banana' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:' * ', initialValue:'b' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:' <length>+ | <percentage>', initialValue:'2px 8px' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:' <number>', initialValue:'5' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'"
' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'"' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'([ brackets ]) { yay (??)}' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'([)]' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:')' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:':> hello' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'a' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'inherit' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'initial' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'revert' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'semi;colon' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'unmatched opening bracket is valid :(' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'unset' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'url(moo '')' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'var(--foo)' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'var(invalid var ref)' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'whee!' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*', initialValue:'yep 'this is valid too'' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'*+', initialValue:'banana' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'*|banana', initialValue:'banana' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'< length>', initialValue:'10px' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<LENGTH>', initialValue:'10px' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<Number>', initialValue:'10' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<\6c ength>', initialValue:'10px' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<angle>', initialValue:'0' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<angle>', initialValue:'10%' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<angle>', initialValue:'10deg' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<angle>', initialValue:'20.5rad' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<angle>', initialValue:'calc(50grad + 3.14159rad)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<banana>', initialValue:'banana' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<color> | <image> | <url> | <integer> | <angle>', initialValue:'red' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<color>', initialValue:'fancy-looking' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<color>', initialValue:'lightgoldenrodyellow' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<color>', initialValue:'rgb(12, 34, 56)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<color>+', initialValue:'red' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<custom-ident>', initialValue:'banan\61' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<custom-ident>', initialValue:'initial' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<custom-ident>+', initialValue:'foo inherit bar' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<image>', initialValue:'banana.png' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<image>', initialValue:'linear-gradient(yellow, blue)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<image>', initialValue:'url(a)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<integer>', initialValue:'-109' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<integer>', initialValue:'1.0' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<integer>', initialValue:'19' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<integer>', initialValue:'1e0' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length >', initialValue:'10px' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length', initialValue:'10px' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length-percentage>', initialValue:'-54%' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length-percentage>', initialValue:'0' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length-percentage>', initialValue:'calc(-11px + 10.4%)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length-percentage>', initialValue:'calc(2px + 10% + 7ex)' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length> +', initialValue:'10px' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length> | *', initialValue:'10px' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:' calc(-2px)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'0' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'10%' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'10' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'10em' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'10px /*:)*/' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'10px;' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'10vmin' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'2px' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'7.1e-4cm' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'calc(2px*4 + 10px)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'calc(4px + 3em)' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'calc(4px + calc(8 * 2em))' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'calc(5px * 3px / 6px)' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'calc(5px + 10%)' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'calc(7in - 12px)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>', initialValue:'var(--moo)' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>+', initialValue:'10px calc(20px + 4rem)' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>+', initialValue:'2px 7px calc(8px)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>+', initialValue:'calc(2ex + 16px)' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>++', initialValue:'10px' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>|<percentage>|<length-percentage>', initialValue:'2px' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>|INHERIT', initialValue:'10px' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<length>|initial', initialValue:'10px' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<number>', initialValue:'-109' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<number>', initialValue:'2.3e4' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<number>|foo', initialValue:'foo var(--foo, bla)' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<percentage> ', initialValue:'10%' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<percentage> | <length>+', initialValue:'calc(100vh - 10px) 30px' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<percentage>', initialValue:'-9.3e3%' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<percentage>', initialValue:'0' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<percentage>|unsEt', initialValue:'2%' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<resolution>', initialValue:'-5.3dpcm' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<resolution>', initialValue:'10' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<resolution>', initialValue:'10dpi' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<resolution>', initialValue:'3dPpX' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<time> | <resolution> | <transform-list> | <custom-ident>', initialValue:'red' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<time>', initialValue:'2px' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<time>', initialValue:'2s' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<time>', initialValue:'calc(2s - 9ms)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<transform-list>', initialValue:'scale()' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<transform-list>', initialValue:'scale(2)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<transform-list>', initialValue:'translateX(2px) rotate(20deg)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'<transform-list>+', initialValue:'translateX(2px) rotate(20deg)' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<url>', initialValue:'banana.png' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'<url>', initialValue:'url(a)' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'array', initialValue:'array' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'bAnAnA', initialValue:'bAnAnA' is valid: FAIL
|	na
|nya', initialValue:'nya' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'ba-na-nya', initialValue:'ba-na-nya' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'banan\61', initialValue:'banana' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'banana	', initialValue:'banana' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'banana', initialValue:'bAnAnA' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'banana', initialValue:'banan\61' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'banana', initialValue:'banana' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'banana,nya', initialValue:'banana' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'big | bigger | BIGGER', initialValue:'bigger' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'default', initialValue:'default' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'foo+|bar', initialValue:'foo foo foo' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'inherit', initialValue:'inherit' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'initial', initialValue:'initial' is invalid: FAIL
    syntax:'null', initialValue:'null' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'undefined', initialValue:'undefined' is valid: FAIL
    syntax:'unset', initialValue:'unset' is invalid: FAIL
    registerProperty fails for an already registered property: FAIL
    registerProperty only allows omitting initialValue is syntax is '*': FAIL
    registerProperty requires a name matching <custom-property-name>: FAIL
    Untitled: FAIL
    Untitled: FAIL
/css/css-properties-values-api/registered-property-cssom.html: ERROR
    Untitled: FAIL
    A var() cycle between a registered properties and an unregistered property is handled correctly.: FAIL
    A var() cycle between a syntax:'*' property and an unregistered property is handled correctly.: FAIL
    A var() cycle between a two unregistered properties is handled correctly.: FAIL
    A var() cycle between two registered properties is handled correctly.: FAIL
    Untitled: FAIL
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[wpt PR 9983] - Upstream registerProperty tests to WPT, a=testonly
[wpt PR 9983] - Update wpt metadata, a=testonly
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