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Product: Firefox → DevTools
This intermittent used to be failing quite rarely, but started to spike quite impressively over the past 4 days.
Apparently on windows and linux debug mostly.
Razvan, any idea why that would be?
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Disable Bug 1453214 for frequent failures on windows and linux64 r=jmaher
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There are 60 failures in the last 7 days.
They occur on 
56 linux32 (opt)
3 osx-10-10 (opt)
1 macosx64-nightly (opt)
Recent failure log:

jmaher: I see that this was disabled on linux64. Should it be disabled on linux32 as well? Thank you!
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:ebalazs_ please go ahead and disable on linux32, basically os == linux :)
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Disable browser_inspector_highlighter-cssshape_04.js on linux. r=jmaher
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Looking at the screenshot in one of the test failures:
This is very odd. The #circle element is selected, but instead of seeing a circle clip-path value in the CSS rules-view, there's a polygon instead. Also the property has a green bar next to it meaning that the rules-view thinks the property was edited.
I'm thinking perhaps the test does not wait for the right events, and selects the #circle element too fast, before the shape path editor has finished editing the previous shape, and therefore the CSS rules for #circle gets edited to a polygon.
Unfortunately, I did not manage to make this test fail locally, but I'm fairly certain it's a timing problem, and we need to make the test wait a bit more during each action.
For now, it waits for the ruleview-changed event, maybe it should also wait for something else.
I've looked more at this today. We indeed aren't waiting for the right events in this test. 
Whenever a shape is changed in the page, it results in several different events being fired, some of them fired twice.
For instance, property-value-updated is fired twice. I have not been able to understand why that is (this event is normally triggered after a shape is changed, and I was able to confirm that this happened only once), but the fact is that because it does, we need the test to wait for these 2 events every time it changes a shape. Otherwise we run the risk of some unwanted code running after the test has moved on to doing other things. And that probably explains this intermittent.

So I would advise surrounding the shape editing code with:

// Have to wait for 2 of these events.
const onPropertyValueUpdated = waitForNEvents(view, "property-value-updated", 2);
... simulate the various mouse events here ...
await onPropertyValueUpdated;

I don't have time to create a patch for this, but someone should because this test fails very frequently, and then push to try with many retriggers to see if things work better.
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This is failing constantly on macosx1014-64 debug.
Patrick, you've worked in the past on this, could you take a look over what's going on here? Thanks.

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It's already disabled on linux and on window debug. So if it starts to fail on mac debug too now, we better look into it.
Razvan, can you make sense of this failure? Maybe comment 44 helps.

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