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rendering glitch -CSS slide flip


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firefox62 --- disabled
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firefox64 --- affected


(Reporter: alice0775, Assigned: kvark)


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Back face is visible during animate
Depends on: wr-3d
I think this is probably fixed by the changes for ( I still see some flickering, but I think that's a separate issue from the back face being visible.
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See Also: → 1487570
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hey glenn, another candidate for "check if your 3d-transforms branch fixes this"
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We can't release this to the field, but we can let this ride to beta.
Priority: P1 → P2
From a quick look with current 3d transforms branch, all the pages linked above do appear to be working correctly. However, I didn't look super closely, I may have missed something. We can check in detail once the 3d transforms patch lands.
Flags: needinfo?(gwatson)
Last piece: Text still flickers and is shining through.
Hardware: Unspecified → Desktop
Maybe this needs both bug 1489937 ( servo/webrender#3040 ) and bug 1490242 ( servo/webrender#3030 ) ?
I haven't found a try build with both.
Yes, I believe this relies on which hasn't landed yet.
Not fixed in bug 1490640 comment 1.
Gonna look into this deeper, since this looks like it's probably a good counterexample to my work in #3040
Assignee: nobody → a.beingessner
See Also: → 1492030
Assignee: a.beingessner → kvark
oops, didn't mean to hit submit yet

ok so this looks like this and hackerone are the same bug

specifically the fact that the "front" text is backface-visible is a subtle point of disagreement between chrome and firefox (we match the spec, they don't, but also they are sort of the defacto spec)

so the only bug is that we're Z-fighting, just like hackerone
Attached file testcase.html
reduced testcase demonstrating that this bug is a mix of Z-fighting and also the ::before background getting which side is its "back" backwards.
Wow, looks like my fix made it through the night, and it's already in 65.0a1 (2018-10-24) (64-bit). Kudos to :kats!
Closed: 3 years ago
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