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Source actor spec should use `source` instead of `onSource`


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Source actor's spec includes:

    onSource: {
      request: { type: "source" },
      response: RetVal("json")

which is unusual, since the request's type would be "source" if the method were renamed to that.  We should explore renaming the method and removing the type to match typical style.
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Bug 1454827 - Source actor spec should use `source` instead of `onSource`.

Thanks a lot for thaking this on Micah! I realized too late that the name I suggested to you wasn't the best one, so I wrote a comment regarding that. Otherwise looks really good.

::: commit-message-6073e:1
(Diff revision 1)
> +Bug 1454827 - Source actor spec should use `source` instead of `onSource`. r=jryans,yulia

nit: we usually write what was done in the commit rather than the bug name: in this case "replace onSource with source in Source Actor and Source Actor Spec"

::: devtools/server/actors/source.js:190
(Diff revision 1)
>      return this._threadActor.sources;
>    },
>    get dbg() {
>      return this.threadActor.dbg;
>    },
> -  get source() {
> +  get sourceData() {

I just realized that a better name for this is `originalSource`. 

We have two types of source that we can get. `generatedSource` is a compiled source, like something you get out of webpack when you bundle. `originalSource` is a representation of the file that a programmer was working on when they were writing their code.

I would propose that we rename sourceData to originalSource, because then we are consistant with generatedSource. Sorry it took me a while to think of that!
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Bug 1454827 - Source actor spec should use `source` instead of `onSource`.

Thanks for working on this! :) I agree with Yulia's comments.
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Rename onSource to source in source actor r=yulia
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