implement moz.yaml parsing and validation

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11 months ago
implement base library and mach command for verifying moz.yaml files.

mach vendor-manifest --verify <file>[..]


11 months ago
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11 months ago
this needs to validate against a schema with voluptuous, as well as ensuring that "straight yaml" is in use.

when we need to update the yaml file, we'd need to preserve comments.  as the standard yaml libraries drop comments we could vendor in a different yaml file which preserves structure and comments, however as the file will have a strict schema we can use simple text processing to update it.

as yaml is quite flexible in what is valid (eg. json is valid yaml) part of the validation needs to ensure that the `release` and `vendoring:revision` fields can be updated (ie. structured as per the sample manifest).
Assignee: nobody → glob
Creates a standard library for working with moz.yaml files, and adds a `mach
vendor manifest --verify` command that loads and verifies manifest schema.

The list of permitted licenses is one I derived from about:license, pending an
authoritative list from legal.
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Bug 1454868: create `mach vendor manifest --verify` r?gps

Gregory Szorc [:gps] has approved the revision.
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create `mach vendor manifest --verify` r=gps

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