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[iOS 11] Content fails to load in reader mode after a fresh install


(Firefox for iOS :: Reader View, defect, P2)




Tracking Status
fxios 11.2 ---
fxios-v11.1 --- affected


(Reporter: csuciu, Unassigned)



v11.1 (10235)
iPhone 8 Plus (iOS 11.3)

1. Install a fresh copy of Firefox.
2. Launch Firefox. 
3. Visit a web page with reader mode capabilities (e.g any article from cnn, bbc...)
4. Tap on the reader view icon.

Expected: The content of the page is displayed in reader mode.

Actual: No content is displayed until restarting the app.

Not reproducing on iOS 10.3.
Is this happening on v11.0 or v10.6?
Priority: -- → P2
Not sure if this could be related to the issue we had with the reader view XCUITests, please see bug 1437086, the tests are disabled due to this bug...
See Also: → 1437086
Duplicate of this bug: 1474121
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