Open Bug 1455309 Opened 6 years ago Updated 2 years ago

test-verify should not try to run tests on configs/branches where they are not scheduled in taskcluster


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currently we run test-verify on linux64-qr/win10-qr builds.  This is great except when it runs a browser-chrome test- browser-chrome tests are not ready to run on qr builds.  So we have a very high chance of failure.

I believe we can look at the suites we have and in the transform find a method for sending what suites or tests we should run/skip.
Whiteboard: [PI:May]
Blocks: test-verify
Priority: -- → P3
I think this will be more difficult to solve; ideally we can solve this in early Q3 when we make another pass on TV.
Whiteboard: [PI:May]
one actionable thing here to do is run win10 reftests on hardware instead of a gpu instance- that would help reduce some frustrations.
Severity: normal → S3
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