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Langpacks don't handle versions properly


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TypeScript check found that `.version` is not available here:

and I didn't follow enough to see if the same is true for `.id`.
Hi Zibi, can you please look into this?
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Hmm, I can see that we're not reading the version, but I'm not sure if we should do anything specific for Langpacks...

Every addon has a version, right? Andrew - can you advise on what I should do here?
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Yes, we use the version for langpacks eg here:

Just grab that and store it in this.version I guess?
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Bug 1455766 - Handle langpacks versions properly.

It looks like `Langpack.readLocaleFile()` is not reachable, so lets just remove it altogether?
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Bug 1455766 - Handle langpacks versions properly.

r=me with the commit message revised to describe the change
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Handle langpacks versions properly. r=aswan
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I have devised 2 tests for this:
1. I modify the id of the langpack and install it from file, this will result in corrupted file warning and the langpack is not installed, this behavior is not changed by this fix.
2. I have modified the version number of the langpack, this resulted in a caution unverified langpack for beta 60b13 and a corrupted file warning for beta 61b03.

Is this the desired behavior, for both version and id?
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This bug was just removing some unreachable code, I don't think it needs manual testing.
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