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Run decision task on modern decision image


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The decision task is running on a Docker image that doesn't have the latest versions of robustcheckout, run-task, etc. We should fix that.
This is currently breaking every single trypush as of about an hour ago...
I'm hoping this is the final decision docker image update where we have to deal with the docker sha allowlists.

(Cotv2 is running, and doesn't require maintaining the allowlists, but we'd need to audit to make sure that no release- or nightly- graphs require cotv1 behavior before turning off cotv1.)
The Docker image referenced in the patches is available at indygreg/decision:2.1.0 on Docker Hub (I don't have privileges to push to taskcluster/decision). Someone with privileges will need to:

  $ docker pull indygreg/decision:2.1.0
  $ docker tag 8f741a0f0a37 taskcluster/decision:2.1.0
  $ docker push taskcluster/decision:2.1.0

The scriptworker PR is at It will need to be merged and deployed (also requires a Puppet change IIRC) before we land the .taskcluster.yml change in Firefox land.
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(In reply to :Gijs (he/him) from comment #1)
> This is currently breaking every single trypush as of about an hour ago...

Make noise in #taskcluster or #sheriffs. People can terminate workers that are misbehaving.

I'm still trying to figure out what triggered the problems today. Most likely someone mucking around with low-level Taskgraph things on Try pushes.
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Bug 1456326 - Use latest decision image for decision task;
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Bug 1456326 - Bump version of decision image;
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Bug 1456326 - Trim some fat from decision image;

::: taskcluster/docker/decision/Dockerfile:2
(Diff revision 1)
>  FROM          ubuntu:16.04
> -MAINTAINER    Greg Arndt <>
> +MAINTAINER    Dustin Mitchell <>

haha, I'm not sure that's an improvement!
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> [~] docker push taskcluster/decision:2.1.0
> The push refers to a repository []
> e7288ff64099: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> d781b49eaf63: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> 23bddb544bf7: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> beb57e2e378c: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> 1033e26254d0: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> 49a8ecd28bc4: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> fb97b15cbf9a: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> e37b2b09e34f: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> a8de0e025d94: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> a5e66470b281: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> ac7299292f8b: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> e1a9a6284d0d: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> fccbfa2912f0: Mounted from indygreg/decision 
> 2.1.0: digest: sha256:6db3b697d7a3c7aba440d72f04199331b872111cefff57206b8b8b1d53230360 size: 3024

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Trim some fat from decision image; r=dustin
Bump version of decision image; r=dustin
Use latest decision image for decision task; r=dustin
Tasks on Autoland seem happy. So yay!
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Use latest decision image for decision task; r=me
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