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Update Linux test environment to a recent FreeType (e.g. 2.8.1 or 2.9)


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(firefox67 fixed)

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firefox67 --- fixed


(Reporter: jfkthame, Assigned: jmaher)


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Without this, we don't have test coverage for variation-font functionality.
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:jfkthame, with the upgrade to windows v1803 is this bug resolved?

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sorry, wrong bug, :catlee, is this something you could add into the docker image you have been playing with? I am not sure if we need to update the version from 16.04 -> 18.04; hopefully it is just a library upgrade

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Only 2.6.x is available currently in xenial (16.04) right now.
2.8.1 is available in bionic (18.04), while 2.9.1 is available in cosmic (18.10)

We can try pulling just this package and any dependencies from 18.04, but it could be a substantial change to the environment.

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we have a lot in flight right now; so I suspect this could be a more work than a quick hack. If we can sanity check pulling 2.8.1 and dependencies onto 16.04 works and it isn't a headache, maybe it will only be a few days of work and we can move on.

We are scheduled next month to start working on osx 10.14, just finished windows 10 1803 update, and are currently working on windows/aarch64 and testing out GCP as a cloud environment. I think in April we could consider doing more as osx will be more well known and same for gcp linux and windows/aarch64- I suspect those will be small checklists with a schedule for completion by mid april and there will be time for new projects.

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Install a newer freetype from Ubuntu bionic (18.04) r=Callek
adjust manifests for tests that pass on linux64 with new FreeType. r=gbrown
adjust manifests for tests that now run with the new linux64 FreeType. r=ahal
adjust manifests for web-platform tests that now fail with the new linux64 freetype library. r=jgraham
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Fix syntax for test layout/inspector/tests/chrome/test_fontVariationsAPI.xul r=aryx
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