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[CSD GTK] Double-click on "flexible spaces" should maximize browser


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Followup from bug 1417847 and bug 1455235, I was asked to create a new bug for this issue.

Currently (once above bugs were fixed), doubleclick to maximize only works when clicking the empty space in the tab bar, it doesn't work when doubleclicking the "flexible spaces" that are in the navbar (to the left and right of the URL field, in default out-of-box photon UI).

On other platforms such as Windows, doubleclicking those spaces is also supposed to trigger a maximize event.

I'm not sure if this happens in all DEs; at the moment I've experienced this in KDE. Would be nice to get some confirmations that it happens to others, as this didn't work at all for me (even doubleclick in tab bar) prior to bug 1455235 being fixed, even in Gnome.

Also, bug 1283299 needs to depend on this one (doesn't seem like I can do this myself).
Component: General → Widget: Gtk
Product: Firefox → Core
Target Milestone: Firefox 60 → ---
As of yesterday (18/04/29) I've confirmed that this bug is also present when running Firefox in Gnome, so all DEs are likely affected.

This still needs to be made a blocker for bug 1283299 (which is the tracking bug for client-side decorated titlebars on Linux/GTK).
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Ondrej, can you please look at it?
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