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"Location/Netsite/Address" missing from UI


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(Reporter: cpratt, Assigned: don)


Build ID: 1999092208
Platform: all

As of this build, the label for the Location: control is missing! This is
extremely confusing.
Assignee: shuang → don
Severity: critical → normal
whoops, got the severity wrong.
The "Location" label for the location bar is still missing in the
1999-11-12-18-M11 nightly binary on WinNT.

Techrep: First, type www.whatever.tld into the location bar and hit [ENTER].
Newbie: What's a location bar?
Techrep: Do you see the "Reload" button? Just below the Communicator menu?
Newbie: Hmmm, ummm, oh, yeah, there it is.
Techrep: Look just below that, you should see word "Location:"
Newbie: Yeah.
Techrep: Do you see the white box to the right of that?
Newbie: Yeah.
Techrep: That's the Location bar.
Newbie: So, um, that's where I type, right?
Techrep (studiously polite): Yes, that's where you type.
Newbie: [hunt-n-peck noises] [time passes] Nothing's Happening!
Techrep: Did you hit the [ENTER] key?
Newbie: OH.

I've had this exact conversation more than twice, nothing exaggerated for
effect. I like the clean lines of the current UI myself, but for newbies,
not labelling a vital UI component is ... how to say? ... problematic.
Closed: 20 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
Probably need to talk to the UI team about this.
Moving all UE/UI bugs to new component: User Interface: Design Feedback
UE/UI component will be deleted.
Component: UE/UI → User Interface: Design Feedback
after careful consideration, marking this bug VERIFIED
Component: User Interface Design → Browser-General
Product: Browser → Seamonkey
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