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[checks] Run compare-locales checks in Translate view


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Add compare-locales checks to Pontoon and use them alongside Translate Toolkit checks during the translation submission.
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Fix bug 1458343 - Run compare-locales checks in Translate view (#856)

In addition to Translate Toolkit checks, we now also run compare-locales
checks when submitting a translation and also some pontoon-specific
checks, which were previously spread around the codebase. As of now, all
the checks code is located in the newly created pontoon.checks module.

Failed checks are either errors (prevent translations from being
submitted) or warnings (can be bypassed). Errors are detected using
compare-locales library and Pontoon’s internal checks, while warnings
are a product of compare-locales and Translate Toolkit libraries.

Since Translate Toolkit checks may result in many false positives in some
scenarios, they can be turned off using the Translate Toolkit Checks
toggle (previously called Quality Checks).

Other notable changes:
* Added tests for integration with compare-locales and Translate Toolkit.
* Added ability to disable specific Translate Toolkit checks (e.g. if
  the same check is already handled by compare-locales).
* Slight UI Refresh: Prevent long check messages from being hidden behind
  the button and visually separate errors and warnings.
* Move checks execution on the top of the /update/ view to reduce
  complexity and simplify testing.
* Update to Fluent 0.7.0.
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