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Use Phabricators Draft functionality to allow sending of initial revision email after BMO has updated the policies


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If you toggle the config option to on, or wait a bit (for "Draft" to leave prototype), revisions will create into a "Draft" state. They won't leave this state until builds pass or they're explicitly promoted from "Draft", and when a revision leaves "Draft" it sends an aggregate email with all changes up until that time.

So one approach is:

* Enable prototypes, or just manually enable the draft state with a one-line patch for now.
* Write a Herald rule that always runs a "Make HTTP Request + Wait For Response" build called "Wait For Bugzilla To Update The Revision".
* After Bugzilla updates the revision, it sends Harbormaster a "pass" message for the "Wait for Bugzilla" build.

Advantages: everything works; no email until Bugzilla is done, and the first email will have all the information in it. Little or no custom code.

Disadvantages: draft is still a prototype for now, you'll get an extra build hanging around which doesn't really serve any purpose for users. Some external code to deal with the Bugzilla stuff since Bugzilla needs to make an extra API call to send the "pass" for the "build" it is running.
Attached file github pr #579 has been merged. Will close this once the small change in Phabricator is pushed and the administrative configuration is complete.
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Keywords: conduit-triaged
All changes are live in production and the configuration is complete. Several subsequent revisions have shown proper behavior so closing this. Will file new bugs for any new issues that need to be addressed.
Closed: 2 years ago
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