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[Wayland] If started with title bar disabled, context menus are misplaced


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Steps to reproduce:

1. start firefox-wayland
2. open "Customize…" from sandwich menu
3. uncheck "Title Bar"
4. restart firefox-wayland
5. right-click anywhere in the browser content

Actual results:

The context menu is not placed near the mouse pointer, but some pixels lower and more right. It looks like the positioning is relative to the wrong point.

Expected results:

The context menu should show up at the mouse position.

Additional info:

This bug only affects the browser content. The context menu on url bar or toolbar buttons is placed correctly. Also, with tabs.remote.autostart=false (i.e. e10s disabled), this issue is gone.

Affected version:

Firefox build on Fedora 28, firefox-60.0.1-3.fc28.x86_64
Blocks: wayland
Component: Untriaged → Widget: Gtk
Product: Firefox → Core
Same problem here, with Fedora 28 and firefox 60.0.1
I'm not sure whether this is the exact same phenomenon or not, but I've got titlebar hidden, Running Firefox 61 dev edition (61.0b11 (64-bit)) on Ubuntu 18.04 with Gnome-Wayland desktop (so FFX is presumably using x11-wayland).

Inexplicably, a right-click sometimes misplaces the context menu.  The second click on the same target always corrects the problem.  I *did not* just open the browser for the first time (though I did just open this tab in the example).  I've had the titlebar hidden setting clicked since I installed the browser a month ago.  I've attached a PNG example from a screenshot of this happening just today.
Note also that I've got an HDPI touchscreen.  Might be irrelevant, but I've seen it cause unexpected behavior with applications in the past.
another example of a misplaced context menu, this time when right-clicking tab, not content
autocomplete box is apparently also misplaced sometimes
@jackson: Your bug may be related, but I doubt it's the same. This bug report here is about running the pure wayland enabled firefox builds (which defaults builds of 61.0b11 do not support afaik), it is NOT about Firefox using X11 under XWayland in a wayland session. Also, in my case the distance of the context menu misplacement is constant and way smaller, about the same size as the window decorations. This is not the case in your screenshots where subwindows (e.g the autocomplete box) may be moved upwards too.
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[Wayland] Don't calculate popup offset relatively to mShell on Wayland as it's relative to mContainer, r=jhorak
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