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Fxa implement WebAuthn U2F / 2FA [feature request]


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Steps to reproduce:

Open Nightly >> Preferences >> Firefox Account

Actual results:

Following implmentation of "two-step authentication" This works, but is missing the newly Fx Core implementation of WebAuthn.

Expected results:

Now WebAuthn is integrated in Fx 60, and just this week Google finally allowing the use of this for their accounts, the time feels right to roadmap its implementation into the new version of Firefox Accounts.

Doing so would remove our reliance on 3rd parties and enable the use of user's preferred authentication tool for greater personalization.

I've checked with:
Thanks!  The FxA team has been keeping WebAuthn in mind for future integration but haven't made any concrete plans yet, but it's a good time to bring it up as we come into planning for Q3.
Component: Untriaged → Server: Firefox Accounts
Product: Firefox → Cloud Services
I would also love to see this! (also already 8 upvotes here) Q3 is now, is not it? No… there is already Q4, I think. :)
Severity: normal → enhancement

Hope this issue can get more traction. Actually instead of 2FA, FxA is a perfect example where I would like to use WebAuthn passwordless login since extensions seem to be restricted for as well and as a result KeePassXC cannot fill in the password for me.

Thank you for filing this issue. This is not currently on our roadmap, and in an effort to focus our work, we are closing old issues that we are unlikely to be closed in the future. Thanks again.

Closed: 2 years ago
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