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ghost window on with youtube embed via MessagePort


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Today I got a set of ghost windows like:

├───18.86 MB (12.21%) -- window-objects
│   ├──18.50 MB (11.98%) -- top(none)/ghost
│   │  ├──12.54 MB (08.11%) ++ window(
│   │  ├───3.89 MB (02.52%) ++ window(
│   │  └───2.08 MB (01.35%) -- (2 tiny)
│   │      ├──1.38 MB (00.89%) ++ window(
│   │      └──0.70 MB (00.45%) ++ window(!kxcid=IbWIJ0xh&

Tracing the window suggests its related to MessagePort in some way:

00000170A0E9DBB0 [MessagePort]
    --[mListenerManager]--> 000001709F1DFAF0 [EventListenerManager]
    --[mListeners event=onmessage listenerType=2 [i]]--> 000001709F91DA60 [JSEventHandler handlerName=onmessage]
    --[mTypedHandler.Ptr()]--> 000001709F91D700 [CallbackObject]
    --[mIncumbentGlobal]--> 000001709F289000 [nsGlobalWindowInner # 2147484064 inner]
    --[mTopInnerWindow]--> 000001708D108C00 [nsGlobalWindowInner # 2147484056 inner]

    Root 00000170A0E9DBB0 is a ref counted object with 2 unknown edge(s).
    known edges:
       000001709FCC0100 [MessageChannel] --[mPort1]--> 00000170A0E9DBB0
       00000170A0E9DD50 [MessagePort] --[mUnshippedEntangledPort]--> 00000170A0E9DBB0

If I had to guess this might be an issue with how the MessagePort detects the window going away:

If has been used (possible with ads and such), then the mInnerID may not reflect its actual window any more.  MessagePort probably needs to replace the observer with an override of DisconnectFromOwner().

Andrea, what do you think?
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This needs to call DOMEventTargetHelper::DisconnectFromOwner() from the override.

Also, it would be nice if we could get this to reproduce in a test.  I wonder why the test here does not trigger it:
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Review of attachment 8984035 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good, but were you able to reproduce the leak in the test at all?  The test changes seemed cosmetic.
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No, I'm not able to reproduce it using the test, and checking what the test was doing I saw this 'typo'.
Hmm, ok.
Andrea, are you waiting to land this?  Just want to make sure it makes it into the merge next week.  Thanks.
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MessagePort should implement DisconnectFromOwner() instead using innerID comparison, r=bkelly
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