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periodic file updates on beta/esr60 need repo path fixing


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Not set


(firefox-esr60 fixed, firefox61 fixed, firefox62 fixed)

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firefox-esr60 --- fixed
firefox61 --- fixed
firefox62 --- fixed


(Reporter: sfraser, Assigned: sfraser)



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The repository path is assumed to be, when it might be releases/BRANCH or projects/BRANCH.

Take this opportunity to condense the commit messages, as squashed commits confuse phabricator.
Assignee: nobody → sfraser
1. Updated hgrepo to work with mozilla-beta, mozilla-esr60 and project branches (just in case)
2. Presquashed commits, so we only submit one.
3. Replaced 'which' with 'command -v' to avoid future shellcheck issues.
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Bug 1467456 Use correct hg repo in repo-update r=ryanvm

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Use correct hg repo in repo-update r=lguo
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Note that Beta/ESR60 don't have bug 1451040 et al on it. Rather than trying to rebase this patch around that (would have been a giant mess), I just took wholesale as it existed on m-c. Having discussed this with Simon, this should be reasonably safe since the remote-settings code won't be invoked by anything on those branches anyway, so it's effectively dead code (and probably less risky in the end than trying to rebase around it all).
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