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abs.pos. element immediately after a forced page break does not render


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Steps to reproduce:

Using Firefox 60.0.1 (64-bit), on Ubuntu 16.04.01
Created an iframe that contains multi-page html, and attempted to print it.

The actual usecase is a JavaScript report engine that can create multi-page documents that are rendered in a hidden iframe and can be printed from there. I experienced problems with multi-page reports (the number of pages was correct, however only the 1st page contained any content), and created a simple test case.

Actual results:

When the iframe is printed, only the first page is rendered. The second page prints empty. Jut by pure chance I stumbled upon a hack that makes the second page rendered: adding a border around the page container div.

Expected results:

The second page should be printed just like it is rendered in the browser, without any hacks. The fact that the border hack works might point to some deeper faults.
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Product: Firefox → Core

jwatt: Perhaps worth noting for fixing with Fission. Not sure what's going on here, but the 1px border hack does indeed appear to work.

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Summary: Iframe printout renders only first page, other pages print empty → abs.pos. element immediately after a forced page break does not render
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Whiteboard: [frag2020] → [layout:print-triage:p1][frag2020]
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