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Remove .menu-iconic-right selectors from menu.css


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The menu-iconic-right class isn't used anymore, so we should remove it from selectors:
Mind if I work on this bug? I'm trying to get some experience writing and testing for Firefox?
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Not at all, go ahead!
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Are you still going to work on this?
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@Dao If it's time critical, you can unassign me and have someone else pick it up :)

I recently managed to get FF to build following the instructions at I'll probably have to figure out how to get artifact builds working to speed things up.

Also, while the fix is simple, I was wondering if you have an idea on how to test the change. I'm not sure what could break by removing that selector or if pushing to try would catch that sort of thing. Any instructions there would be appreciated, or if you already are sure it's just the 1 line fix I'll push up a patch. Thanks!
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I don't think there's much to test here, code search shows that this class is unused.
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Bug 1468821 - Remove .menu-iconic-right selectors from menu.css.

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As I don't have L3, what would be the next step to get this landed? Should I set checkin-needed on this bug, or are you able to land that change? Thanks :)
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Remove .menu-iconic-right selectors from menu.css. r=dao
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