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sanity check task timeout definitions


(Firefox Build System :: Task Configuration, task)

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Some tasks have very long timeouts defined which expose bugs such as bug 1468926 where a task expired after 20 hours.  We should re-evaluate the timeouts to ensure they are appropriate for each task.
The max-run-time for tasks appears to have been mostly cargo
culted. In particular, a value of 36000 (10 hours) is quite absurd:
no single task takes that long to execute.

This commit reduces the max-run-time of several tasks to
more reasonable values. The goal here is to prevent
excessively long-running tasks. There is definitely room to
further tweak values to further mitigate long-running tasks. But
let's bite off the biggest chunk first, since that doesn't
require much mental effort.

There is a possibility I overshot on some of these tasks. If we
get timeouts, we can always increase the timeout again.
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Bug 1469676 - Reduce max-run-time for various build tasks; r?glandium

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Reduce max-run-time for various build tasks; r=glandium
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Reduce max-run-time for various build tasks: Increase Linux build max-run-time because they are pgo on beta. r=me a=beta-fix
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